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To start the academic year, the Graduate School of Education will temporarily cancel all classes and activities for two days this week. However, learning will continue, and in its place the school will hold mandatory instruction on an issue gripping the nation: understanding the factors that have led to the countless murders of Black people.

d88尊龙|首页The UB Graduate School of Education will cancel classes to hold a mandatory teach-in on the root causes and effects of racial injustice and systemic racism, particularly in education.


UB’s Teacher Residency Program is doing its part to address the challenges of teaching amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, while at the same time responding to issues surrounding racial injustice.

The practice of naming infectious diseases after specific people or places perpetuates xenophobia around the globe, according to Tiffany Karalis Noel, a UB GSE expert on sociocultural inequity.
For the thousands of schools around the nation grappling with the decision to reopen, extending remote learning could place immense stress on teachers balancing motherhood and the rising expectations for educators, said UB GSE’s educational equity expert Julie Gorlewski.
Officials in Oklahoma are turning to information science doctoral student Monica Rogers for local COVID-19 data modeling. Rogers, who was recently promoted to division chief of data and technology for the Tulsa Health Department, has worked in information science for more than a decade. Before the outbreak, she forecasted community health needs and the prevalence of chronic conditions. Rogers now monitors COVID-19-related infections, hospitalizations and deaths, and makes data models that help inform county decisions. Most recently, her focus is tracking the sharp increase in cases for Tulsa County—including the city of Tulsa—and its population of 650,000. In late June, weekly case counts were double that of earlier in the month. By June 24, she tallied a county total of 2,742.
Universities in China and South Korea are surging in the international race for world-class status, as schools in the East Asian nations are replacing U.S. institutions in international college rankings, according to new research led by Jaekyung Lee, PhD, UB GSE professor of counseling, school and educational psychology.
Stay-at-home orders implemented worldwide due to the COVID-19 pandemic worsened diets, sleep and physical activity for children with obesity, according to research co-authored by Myles Faith, PhD chair and professor of counseling, school and educational psychology in the University at Buffalo’s Graduate School of Education.

University at Buffalo higher education administration associate professor Nathan Daun-Barnett offers insights as the Class of 2020 nears graduation.