Do you feel like, no matter how much money you make, it is never enough?

No matter what you do:

  • You can’t seem to make money work out your way
  • When you begin to get ahead of the game, something unexpected happens and you are right back where you started – again
  • You live a life of quiet desperation: you make good money and everything looks good from the outside, but…
  • Inside, you feel angry and resentful that you work so hard to make money that you’re not able to keep
  • You dread money conversations with your life partner  

Are you ready for today to be different? Are you done with being a victim to your financial circumstances?  Are you tired of saying “I can’t save money” and ready to take charge and break free of your financial struggles?

Imagine what your life will be like when:

  • You have more control of your spending and savings
  • You are living with fun and graciousness while still saving money
  • Conversations with your life partner about money are constructive and effective
  • You’re feeling confident about your money mastery and self-reliant about your future

Welcome! I’m Susan Bross and my company is Brossmoney. Since 1993, I’ve been helping people just like you overcome money difficulties and develop a new relationship with your finances as a money coach and financial counselor. I work with you to discover what is behind your challenges around money and develop a plan that allows you to achieve your financial goals. Many people misunderstand what I do. For a complete explanation, please see my frequently asked questions page here but in short:

Money counseling is not: Financial planning, retirement planning, tax advice, accounting work, or guided investing in stocks, bonds or insurance,

Money coaching and counseling is: Identifying money behaviors that don’t serve you, finding alternate ways of thinking and behaving, and developing a future spending plan for how you will manage your money. It also includes emotional and tactical support to help you if you hit rocky ground.

What would it be like to finally feel in control of your financial future? When you’re ready to explore how money coaching and counseling can help you, I offer a no obligation, free Improving Your Outcomes strategy session to explore your objectives, obstacles and dreams, and to see which of my programs best fit your needs. Email me today to schedule your appointment.